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2013 Design is in Progress!

We can’t reveal anything yet, but this year’s robot will blow away last year’s and the rest of the competition. More information will be revealed as we get closer to the competition.

NYU-Poly Team Atlas – 2012 Design:

Lighter, faster, robust, and simple.

These are the main design parameters for this year’s Lunabot.  We choose not to specify exact qualities of the 2012 design until just before the competition.  However we are at liberty to state the new robot was designed meticulously from the ground up using a top-down approach for optimal design.  More than 4 concepts were developed using computer aided design programs and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Through examining each concept/design, we rated things such as: construction, complexity, risk of failure, mobility, cost, speed of excavation, difficulty of repairs, and safety.

Ultimately after (probably a few hundred) hours of design and re-design (sometimes filled with debates) we came to a consensus on what our 2012 Team Atlas Lunabot will be like.  Our design team finalized plans in late December, with construction expected to last until late February.

We are still uncertain as to whether design plans will be posted online, but if so, links/images will be posted on this page and will most likely be open-source.

We would like to wish all other participating NASA Lunabotics teams goodluck with their projects!  If we can be of any help please see our contact page here.

Time until the 2012 Design will be unveiled:



NYU-Poly Team Atlas – 2011 Design:

SolidWorks final design NYU-Poly Team Atlas lunabot

Designed by Nick Cavaliere

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